Unforgettable friendship.

When she laughed, I laughed. When she frowned, I frowned. She was my pillar when I was falling and I was hers’. It is a friendship that I’ll cherish forever. I still have all the letters, all the photographs, all the messages and all the presents. I take them out in times when I feel really low, and so far away from myself. They always manage to bring a smile on my face. I smile at the love which oozes out from those letters and gets caught up in the glitter of those fantastic hearts, plastered on top of the letters, shinning persistently, even after all these years. I smile at the bright side of time. I smile at our uncontrolled and our uncorrupted minds.


I am wearing a red top with black polka dots; we’re walking on the green grass by the pool. Some water is splashed and then some more, and soon we get into a water-fight and start to push each other until we’re practically rolling on the grass, laughing. 



We bunk a class, probably the first time that I ever did so, to discuss our future plans. Swaying on a playground swing, we promise each other, to follow our dreams and passions, no matter what. 



We’re discussing how strange life is, it is 4 am and we have so much to talk about! It is raining profusely and the lights are out. We both love the weather and we’re both just being very sarcastic and pulling each others’ leg!


I am staring up at the sky, with her by my side. I tell her that she’s the only person I can count on, that she is the only one who truly understands me and knows me, in every sense of the word. Afterwards, I tell her that she sucks, to lighten the mood a bit.



We watched a movie today, barely! As we were too busy clicking pictures of the movie screen. So weird and childish we are!


We laughed so much today. There were tears in our eyes! Math and chemistry class is fun because of her. 


Today was unforgettable. Had so much fun discussing bizarre scenarios of life and talking about books and then running away from the Pizzeria because it was too expensive!



Unforgettable. A significant piece of my heart, a part of me which is entirely me is because of that friendship. All the rest is made up, all the rest is just staggering on a concrete path, listlessly. Reaching, almost, and then taking infinite steps back.



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